One week to go!

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Are we all ready to get our yee-haw on?

At least the weather isn’t looking too bad:

That’s a week away! That forecast will change daily until then.

And yes, I’m looking forward to the weird west.

I think you mean the completely normal west. Yesiree, no weirdness here. Its a completely normal and explicable rift, and I’ll just walk over there and get my sandwich now.

Oh it was you that started all of this! I’ll make sure to remember that once the mumblemumblemumle happens.

The rural forecast is looking even better:


How is everyone’s packing going? (OK, for crew we just need jeans and a white shirt, plus crew blacks, but surely there are players reading this?)

Crew here, but the blackjack dealer’s outfit’s almost done. His waistcoat is just missing a few buttonholes.

Still panicking about one of my skirts, though…!


I can haz waistcoat. :smiley:

Last-minute announcement. The bar will have about five different types of tea available for those that are interested in this sort of thing. I don’t know what the camp kitchen’s got in terms of pots and so on but I hope to have one sitting on top of a tealight at all times.

I’m also happy to store any other drinks or teas behind the bar for you if you want to bring your own!

[EDIT] Might be good if someone on Facebook could copy that bit of info over there too, please? :dog:

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