Official Announcement of 2019 National AGM

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This is our official announcement that we’ll be holding the National AGM this year. We’re going to aim for 13 October, 2019, with videoconference capacity all over the country. This is the same day as the Wellington and Auckland AGMs, so we’re already gathered. Time and gathering locations in each city TBD

The voting will be done electronically, and will be emailed to the account which you signed up to NZLARPS under. Nominations are open here: NZLARPS AGM 2019: National Committee Nominations. Once nominations close you’ll be emailed an anonymous e-voting form. It’s anonymous because we can’t afford to pay for the version that gets us that information! :smiley:

Any questions please drop me a line

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Of course, you need to be a member to vote (and to nominate and second for committee). If you’re not sure about your status, you can check it on the NZLARPS website, or email If you will expire before October 13, then rejoin and send us a payment - otherwise you won’t get a voting form.

And South Island

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The email listed here looks to be incorrect, I’m assuming the correct email is either or

Corrected, thankyou. I’d munged the addresses together in my head.