NZLARPS AGM 2016 - National committee nominations

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For those that don’t know me, my name is Nikki and I am running for National Secretary.
I have had many years experience on the NZLARPS committees. I was on the very first NZLARPS committee and many more since then including as Secretary. I have also got considerable experience as a GM, having run both boffer campaign games, one offs, a Chimera Flagship and a World of Darkness monthly. I was also one of the GMs for the last flagship larp of NZLARPS, Teonn. I believe I have a good idea of what makes larp work in NZ, and I would like to lend my experience through the committee to help larps run in NZ.

You will have received by now your voting ballot in the email. Please make sure you vote as we need quorum of at least 40 people to make everything official. I also highly encourage you to come to the meeting in person if you can. I personally feel like there has been a growing apathy in the community about attending things like the NZLARPS AGM and meetings. Maybe this is because we have many new people who don’t fully understand how NZLARPS can help in fostering the future of larp in NZ. Come along to the AGM and find out what it is all about and how we can help.

Thanks for your time



I suppose I have to do one of these too…

I’m Malcolm and I’m running for National Secretary. I’ve served in the role for the last three years and am intimately familiar with NZLARPS’ constitution and the requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act. The role is largely one of boring but necessary administrivia, and it turns out that’s something I’m quite good at - I’ve managed to boost membership retention, contributing to the rise in membership, and now manage to process most queries within 24 hours.

In addition to administrivia, I run games and participate in larp events in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, giving me a good overview of our different communities, the different ways we do things, and the different ways NZLARPS can help.

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My name is James, and I am standing for National Treasurer. I have been performing the role already for three years now. For the most part you wouldn’t see what I do unless you’re on one of the committees or organise NZLARPS events, but I manage the financial aspects of the Society, and work with the Regional Treasurers as needed.

If elected, in the coming year I hope to improve our accounting systems as my main goal for the year. Basically we’re still using what we had when the Society was just a small organisation that was only in Auckland, and to be honest it’s probably not entirely suitable for the nationwide organisation we have become. Most members wouldn’t see the impact of this improvement, but it would leave us in a much better position to continue to grow. I would have worked on it this year, but I have been quite busy with postgraduate university study. Next year is looking more clear however.