Mediaeval-like Dancing, anyone?


So this is mostly because any and all plans for my zombie survival LARP are going to be on hold until we buy a car…

One thing I really enjoy at fantasy-themed events is dancing. It doesn’t happen too often and quite a few people intimidate themselves with thoughts of ‘but I don’t know how it’s done!’ and decide not to take part even though they might like to. But it’s great fun!

So I was wondering if there was any interest in some sort of regular or semi-regular practice? I’m thinking Vogelmorn hall would be ideal, and sessions could be scheduled in the evening on a weekday or during the day on weekends.

I have one caveat: I’m not an expert either. I’d have to look stuff up from Youtube videos and I’d probably encourage others to do the same. But I do have a few people I can ask for advice on what’s easy or hard - and where they get the music from.

Thoughts? Advice? Tomatoes? (They’re good in soup…)


That sounds like fun. I used to go dancing with the Wellington Medieval Guild although that was long enough ago that I can’t remember any steps, and apparently they’re on hiatus now. But if you get this set up, there are probably reenactors in Wellington who would be interested as well.

(I probably wouldn’t be able to make every week, but once a fortnight would probably be something I could commit to.)


I was thinking at most every fortnight or maybe even every month. I couldn’t do a weekly schedule either.

It’d probably be on Tuesday or Wednesday nights unless someone gives me a good reason why that’s a bad idea.


It sounds like fun, but I don’t live close enough to participate


Hmmm… Does anybody remember what kinds of dances the Wellington Medieval Guild used to practice? Or know anybody who does?

Might be a plus to start with something that some people have already seen, even if it was a long time ago.


They always started with branded (round dances). And sometimes Playford country dances, which are a lot later in period. But I wouldn’t be able to teach any of them sorry.


We’d all have to teach each other to a degree, I think. :slight_smile: But I’d probably prepare a list of things to look at in advance. So I’d have seen at least a video or two and taken some notes on steps if possible. That’d be me, though, and not a requirement for anyone else.

I was thinking of starting with something easy like this, actually:

It’s possible to pick that up in less than 10 minutes.

And maybe this:

But after that? Who knows…!

Playfords are something I should look into, though. You’re the second person to mention them.