Lead up to Session 3 Online RP


James takes a deep breath and sighs, closing his eyes, he turns to AJ. A smile crosses his face & he opens his eyes.
“Good Morning AJ, glad to see you up and about…” He turns back to the bench he was scrubbing down.

“I’m not sure what I can tell you about that, to be honest. When I was confronted at the lab, it was basically a shake down. They weren’t interested in what I knew, they were just after someone to take the blame. I barely made it out alive, I don’t think they were expecting me to run. You have to remember, this is before I was grabbed by your beloved sister.”

He turned back to her. “I’ve never been so scared in all my life AJ, when those Militia started questioning me about you, I could only think that something bad had happened to you. It made me think about all the good times we had and that, after what we said to each other the last time we were together, I just wanted to see you again to say I was sorry.” As tears formed in his eyes he turns away, pounds his fists on the table and sniffs, “I love you AJ, I know you probably don’t want to hear that right now, so I understand if you walk out. But know that the only thing that kept me strong on that boat, the only feeling that pushed me as I crawled my way back here, was my love for you”


She crossed her arms over her chest as he spoke; the default defensive position. AJ opened her mouth to protest but he turned back to her and something in his expression stopped her.

The impact of those words and hearing them from James made her take a step back and drop her arms from across her chest. She sharply took in a breath before blurting out a response.

“You… you what now?” Gone was her defense, so startled was she. She turned away from him, not sure what to say. Or do. Her sights fell on Flora at the bar and she immediately turned back, though she avoided looking at James too.

“You… uh… I… um…” Her words were stuttered out and she cringed at her own total lack of coherency. Let’s try again, AJ. “Um, you… but you… I…” Nope, maybe not. She gave up and stared numbly at the ground.


As AJ Flustered, Perky had to stifle a laugh, did she see it?, he hoped not. As AJ stared at the floor, Perky stepped forward, he lifted her head up and looked her in the eyes.

“Listen AJ, I get that you’re waiting for Eric to tell you how he feels, the last 4 months have been hectic for both of us.” He sighs
"What am I saying, I have know idea how you’ve been. It’s at least been hectic for me, but now i know you’re safe." walking to the window, he watches a few people wandering the street. “I’m heading back to the Arc to get some stuff and check out the situation at home. I’m planning to leave at the end of the week.”

With that he walks out the door and turns towards the Bar


AJ almost resisted his touch, but at the same time it brought back a flood of memories and her expression softened. But only for a second, only for the briefest of moments before suddenly James was no longer right there, and she set her jaw again, watching him. The note she’d shoved in his face long forgotten and lying on the floor.

She turned slightly, and tensed at his mention of the Arc. Taking a few steps she followed him out of the med bay and reached out and clutched at his arm, her hand sliding down until it found his. “No… James… you can’t. Not the Arc… not anymore.” There was pleading in her face, and…possibly fear. “It’s… it’s not safe there anymore.”


The warmth of her hand on his was a relief, he didn’t want to walk away, but he’d seen enough RomCom’s to know it was the thing to do.
But with talk of the Arc his brow furrowed.

“What do you mean the Arc isn’t safe? Is that something to do with what Christie was investigating?”

"Dear God, what else have I missed… "


AJ’s look of fear was interrupted by a brief confused falter. “Who’s Christie?”

“Nevermind, I suppose it doesn’t really matter.” Her grip on James’ hand tightened and something in her eyes darkened. “It’s something to do with the AI underneath TecSci.” She watched him carefully. “How much do you know about that?”


"Obviously not as much as you do… I thought the AI was just for basic functions, Sewage, Power etc. What are you saying, has it gone rogue or something?"
James shakes his head, “that’s ridiculous, lets go have a drink or two and something to eat. You can fill me in with what you know”


She glanced over to the bar, nervously biting her lip at the sight of Flora, and then looked back at James, her nod slightly defiant of something. “Okay. Yes. Okay.”

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The dark figure stops recording the session, types something into a small keyboard and walks off…