Introduce yourself

Any way to get in contact with them?

Cerberus can be contacted at

Hello! I’m Matt and among other things I’m currently wearing the NZLARPS South Island Regional Director and the Cerberus Organiser Committee hats. As @IdiotSavant said, feel free to send any questions through to or and we’ll reply as soon as we can :slight_smile:

To answer your earlier question I’m not aware of any organised larping groups in Invercargill,but as luck would have it I am in Invercargill this coming weekend so if you want to meet up, drop an email through!

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Hi, I’m Nicola. I moved to Wellington about three months ago from Europe. I turn 40 this year, which probably makes me about twice as old as the average player around here but probably not twice as wise. I’ve not been to any New Zealand events yet and haven’t met anybody that plays in them so I’m hoping to change that soon. (NZ LARPers are really hard to find in real life!) I’d like to maybe help out with running one first because I haven’t got a clue how the game is played here. As opposed to where I’m from, I mean.

It looks like I’ll be able to go to one of the two huge German events this year ( so feel free to drop me a line if anyone else is interested!


Hi Nicola,

I doubt you’re twice the average player age, but I don’t have the exact statistic to hand. You’re younger than me (and several others I know), if that makes you feel any better.

If you want to meet Wellington gamers then Kapcon is coming up soon (Wellington Anniversary Weekend). This is a tabletop RPG convention, but has a few small larps running and one larger (50-60 player) game on Saturday evening.

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There’s a list of upcoming stuff in Wellington here.

@Catnip, @IdiotSavant, thanks for the tips. Kapcon looks like fun, I’ll sign up for that. Maybe for Hydra as well, not quite sure about that one yet. I might go for a day just to take a look at the site!

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my Name is Leonie, Leo for short and I am 19. I’m totaly new to LARPing, but definitely want to try it while I’m down here. Originally I’m from Germany and just arrived a week ago for my 6 Month trip. Back home I’ve been playing Pen&Paper in various groups and I even wrote 3 short Adventures myself.


Hi Leo,

There’s a list of upcoming events around the country here:

Where are you located and what sort of game interests you?

Hi I’m Will

I’m a table-top RPGer, who wants to try larping

What part of the country are you in? I might be able to point you at some local events.


Conveniently, there’s three larp events in the next 4 weeks in Wellington.

  • If you want to try live-combat larp, Embers: Paths of the Maker (March 11) is looking for crew. Which is basicly a matter of “turn up wearing black, and take direction from the GMs on what to do”. If you’d rather play, I understand they may have player slots in their May event.
  • If you want to jump in at the deep end, Hydra larp convention is happening from March 23 - 25. Its a residential, fully catered con at a scout camp in wainuiomata, though you can just turn up for a day (I recommend Saturday). The games are mostly theatre-style - roleplaying with some lightweight rules for the fancy stuff - though there’s some live combat and running around in the woods at night if you’re that way inclined. The “Kestrel” games they’re running on Saturday are particularly good BTW.
  • If you just want to try theatre-style without committing to a whole weekend, The Crossing of the Caliburnus is happening on March 31. its a 3-hour, one room steampunk game, and had player spaces last I checked.

We’ve got more stuff coming up in April or May as well - the upcoming larps list is here:

Thanks man, looks pretty neat.

Hi, I’m Allysson, 30 years, I from Brazil but I been living in Christchurch for 5 months now and I always been interested in LARP so I just became a member.
I like the good old Rock n’ Roll, play board games and videos games (I currently have a Nintendo Switch), sports (specially Surf and Biking) and past some time enjoying the roots grow into the couch while I watch movies and TV shows (and some Animes hahaha)

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi Allysson,

I know there’s Buckets of Dice and Phoenix coming up in Christchurch that you could check out.

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Hey there! (Hope I’m doing this right!)
I’m Jared, 18, and completely new to larp. I’ve played many tabletop rpgs and video game rpgs, and have no idea where to start. Currently in the North Shore in Auckland, but moving to Wellington next year. Looking for something similar to Empire lrp in the UK (link: any help would be greatly appreciated! Again hope I’ve done this right and please let me know if there’s anything that I’ve done that I shouldn’t have.
Thanks all!

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Welcome to Aotearoa!

Unfortunately there’s nothing remotely on the scale of Empire in NZ - our campaigns are all small, with 80 - 100 participants (including crew). In Auckland your best bet is probably Saga or Exile. In Wellington the current outdoor campaign is wrapping up in the middle of next year, but plans are afoot for replacements - one is doing its session 0 in a few weeks, and others expect to be publicising their plans about the same time. So it’ll be different from what you’re used to, but there will be something to do.

Thanks for the speedy reply Savant! To clarify I’m not really looking for anything that scale of Empire, more just similar theme. Is there anywhere in particular the new Wellington campaign would be announced or it it a case of looking around until I find it? Thanks again (also to clarify I’ve never been to Empire, been in NZ my whole life, just heard a lot about it, sorry for the confusion!)

They’ve said they may be pitching it at the NZLARPS Wellington AGM next Tuesday. Hopefully there’ll be stuff on here after that as well.

Age of the Argent will hopefully have more after their session 0 on the 21st.