Happenings in New York Prior to Wellington game


((Recent events in New York))

The recent hotter than normal temperatures in New York have made it feel more like summer than spring. Tempers have frayed under the heat and a number of flash strikes on the docks and in trucking firms have meant that shortages of goods which has only added to the problem.

A recent spate of arsons in the city has left the police stretched thin as they endeavour to track down the culprit that has targeted both commercial and residential property. This and the four resulting deaths have had the papers headlines splashed with the Ash Hand’s latest lurid exploit and asking what the mayor and his inept police force are doing to protect New Yorkers.

A number of animal disappearances from the central park zoo has only further tarnished the police’s poor reputation.

There are whisper and rumours on the street that something is up and those who are connected have gone to ground and when they have to be on the streets they are only seen in groups.
And then there was the 1st of June. New York burned, numerous fires raged across the city with businesses from factories to law firms consumed. Not even the cities elite were immune as mansions and expensive apartments were reduced to ash.
The unusually warm cloudy morning left the city to count the costs, but it wasn’t until that evening that the supernatural community would be made aware of its losses.