Gaps in the NZ larp market


Thinking about the Auckland larpsplosion and the situation in Wellington (where we have one weekend-long fantasy campaign, Embers, plus a couple of non live-combat day campaigns) has made me think about the flip side of the question: what are we missing? What are the obvious market gaps that people starting new campaigns could try and fill?


Well… There WAS that dungeon crawl we were talking about a while ago…


No-one seems to be running short-format live-combat, whether indoors or out - everyone is doing weekend long events. Its something I think we need in Wellington to provide a cheap entry-point for new players, but no-one wants to run one.


The thing is that a six hour game as part of a campaign is a significant fraction of the work of a full weekend of campaign game. I’m really keen to be involved in something like it, but I don’t have the spoons right now to manage spear-heading anything long-term


I’m not talking about a campaign. Just a one-shot dungeon crawl. But I have no local knowledge and haven’t actually been to a LARP in NZ before so I don’t know what suits. Bottom line: I’m not organising something like this on my own.

If anyone would be willing to help out with logistics and contacts, well… :wink:


That is kindof my job, for Wellington at least. I can herd cats on indoor venue booking, gear use, and (if you want to be an NZLARPS project) up-front funding.

For the other stuff, there are likely plenty of people in the Wellington community willing to crew, and maybe help with crew coordination (not part of my skill-set, sorry). The best way to get them is to stand up and say “I want to do this”.