Game Expectations


Hi Everyone.

We are posting this to explain some of the expectations and choices around the coming Dry Spell Campaign. Note the organisers of this game do not believe that there is one right way to run a LARP, this is just what we are planning for our game. We are also not looking to replace any of the current games, we all think more LARP is good, we are just adding these games to the Calendar and we will try and make sure we do our best to avoid other games.

So our plans and expectations.

Game Structure and Player Options

• The game is scheduled to run 3 to 3 and a half years.
• There will be 2 - 4 games a year split over Wellington and Auckland. (so at this stage 12 games)
• Games will be between 3 and 5 hours long to start. There is some planning for some longer sessions if there is demand
• The games will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor games taking into account the real life seasons and weather, with the potential of games running in unique venues.
• There will be a limit of 30 player characters per city. Each of the city games will have spaces for up to 40 or so players (allowing for some out of town visitors).
• PvP (Player vs Player) is possible in the game, as is factional conflict, but game will be mostly PvE
• Villain characters are possible but will have tangible consequences (including death) for their actions. We expect players to be considerate of other players and the stories we are trying to tell. Heroes, anti-heroes and normal people expected to be the focus of the Dryspell campign.
• There will be consequences for all actions, both good and bad. They can be subtle through to life changing.
• Players can run any social events, online scenes and so on they like, but they won’t be sanctioned events or have plot dropped in them.

Theme and Feel

• The intention is to try to provide all players with personal plot, small group plot and faction plot, as well as the over arching plot of the two cities and beyond.
• There will be multiple plots going on at any one time, and including several major game plots, some will be city specific, but the idea is that not every character has to be involved in every plot.
• We will attempt to give all crew interesting NPCs beyond just mooks.
• The game is based on a Noir background. This means that while the PCs should for the most part be the heroes of the story, motivations of many characters may be morally grey and things will come at a cost. Even with a win there may be a loss. There will even be some quite dark themes, but also traces of pulp action, and comedy to lighten the mood.
• Characters may die at any point of the game. This is not a game where the crew will go out to kill the PCs, but the threat is there. Death is likely to come from character actions or situations that are dire.
• We plan to include authentic events of the time period and the time and attitudes will be a part of the game.The game will start accurate to how the world was at the time, character and NPC actions may change history from that point.
• We are including Psychological effects into the game, this may come from your characters actions, experiences, of other factions. These are things that will effect the roleplaying of your character in game. If you have problems with these please contact the GMs.

Rule System and power level

• The rules system will be a mix of cinematic combat (larp weapons and cap guns) and a simple and quick mechanic we are developing.
• The rules system has been written up and is currently being worked on and reviewed before being released. (currently on third review). The plan is for it to be released next week.
• Characters will start at low power levels with the potential to develop and finish a heroes journey, and fill those roles people know from the books. For example Harry Dresden in the books is not a starting character, he had many years of experience before we first meet him.
Due to issues with power levels and the feel of the game, we are removing Scions as a player option in the game. No other Scions will be accepted, if you had a Scion character that was already approved the GMs will get in touch with you to discuss.

Contact and Logistics

• All communication with the GM team should be through the email The GM Team will endeavour to send you an acknowledgement ASAP. And then answer the question as soon as we can.
• We plan to set up Tuesday night as a night to answer any questions we get during the week that we may not have responded to at that point (up till Midnight Monday).
• GMs will try to collaborate with you on making characters that fit well into the setting.
• All characters should be submitted by Friday the 13th March
• All Information will be posted on Diatribe, then on FB and emailed to players and crew where relevant.
• If you are planning to travel to a game in another city please advise the GMs well in advance (over a month) so that they can arrange personal plot for you.
• Games will be run using the NZLARPs code of conduct.



  1. Mages get trained when their gift manifests itself and they are recognised and found. Puberty would be a common time. But older and younger can be used.

  2. The White Councils official stand point on the Great War is that Wizards stay out of it.

    • There are wizards in every country and wizards at war would be very destructive.
    • It could lead to mortals being made aware of magic, and at this stage mortals had big armies with guns
    • killing with magic is against the laws of magic.
  3. Most of history is as it was in 1937 (even that had some weird stuff going on). But yes some things could potentially have been going on in the background. But not every event in history had a supernatural reason or hand behind it.