Fae Deals


Hello All

Here are some mechanics behind fae deals to help out your Gms.

You can only make a deal you yourself have the power to fulfill.
The character that made the deal will then have to use its cunning, powers, skills, allies etc in game to make this happen.
If you make a deal in which another entity will have to fulfil the deal, it will be up to the entity fulfilling the deal to decide how much of the reward will be there’s. The fae who initially made the deal will be forced to take responsibility for any failure.
Life is not fair and where the fae are concerned it is even less so.
Each deal you make is a binding contract sealed with your truthful word.
Failure to honour a deal has a draining effect on the fae responsible leaving them weaker.
Fudging details on a deal, ridiculously long time periods to accomplish deals or insanely complicated deals have a habit of coming apart leaving the fae to deal with the failure.
Failure results will depend on the circumstances.
Game mechanics –
The lowest penalty for failure to hour a deal would be a 1xp loss representing the weakening of the Fae’s power. If the deal is particularly large or tied in with court politics this loss may be substantially larger.
When a deal is struck the fae will need to send an email to the Dryspell email with an exact account of the deal and all involved.
The fae/player will need to contact all of those who have agreed to the deal with the exact wording of the deal and have those players send an agreement of the wording to the gms.
Only then is the deal finally sealed.
If a deal needs to be struck in game ie protection from and onrushing horde of outsiders a written deal signed by all involved and handed to a Gm will seal the deal.