Expressions of interest for a new Wellington campaign


Elizabethan England, but with a difference; magic is real and the names are different. Swap out England for Albion, London for Londinium, and so on.

This is a historical fantasy game but the actual tone is more akin to Peaky Blinders and film noir than The Tudors or Game of Thrones. Players are on the low end of the “lower orders” - tradesmen, beggars, ordinary soldiers…but that doesn’t they have no access to strange powers, that their rivalries are no less dangerous, that what they fight for has no less import despite them having no armies to back their claims. Londinium’s underworld is a dangerous place and you get to play the dangerous people who live there.


-This is an R18 game, although certain “isms” and themes (such as sexual violence) will not be depicted.

-Games will run between 6-8 hours and it is expected there will be four.
-Roleplay heavy, combat light.

  • Players may create their own characters if they wish (rules set to be released if there is enough interest.)
    -Preference will be given to players residing in the Greater Wellington region
    -The game needs 20 players to be viable, and player spots will be capped at 30. Crew are always needed!


I would play this game. But oh woe, I’ll need to read that Ruth Goodman book first. Woe is me!


That’s probably not for me. (Sorry…)


Sounds fantastic!