Dunedin by Night

Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about running it in a park either, but I can’t see any way around it except to do it inside. There’s a lack of large backyards in the city, and hiring a place might wind up being quite costly. I don’t mean to shoot down people’s ideas and be negative, this is more thinking aloud (or in type). Having only just met most of the larpers two days ago, I’m still not sure what kind of collective resources there are.
The forum for dunedin gaming is at www.nexusgames.co.nz, so I’m going to see what I can do. Feel free to join in!

I wonder if you could book a spot in the gardens at Lanarch Castle one evening? :wink:


Given that you’re near to New Zealand’s only “castle”, it seems like an opportunity at least worth giving a try. Would be cool to be somewhere with the castle visible in the background, even if it was in the distance. They have 14 hectares of land.

If the booking fee was under $240, then just charging all the players $10 would cover it.