Dryspell New York: Game 1 - Cotton Mouth


The Dry Spell GMs are pleased to announce that ‘Cotton Mouth’, the first Auckland Dry Spell game, will be held on 27th June, 7.30pm player muster, 6.30pm crew muster, at the Auckland Horticultural Council, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs.

Spaces are strictly limited to 30 spots for Auckland-based PCs, and 10 for non-Auckland PCs. First in, and first paid, first served. Crew enthusiastically welcomed.

Sign ups are not yet open but will open very soon, we’ll let you know in advance when this is going to happen so you can all sit at your computers and start F5ing.

The cost will be $15 for non NZLARPS members, $10 for members, $5 for crew to cover drinks and snacks. We’d also be extremely grateful of any offers of help setting up the venue, as we’ll have multiple rooms to dress.

Payment can be made to NZLarps. Note the bank account has changed for NZlarps

12-3066-0279570-01 - Auckland

Please place your name and Dryspell in the details


I know they will be posted elsewhere, but I am brain fried from things atm.

Is there any chance of posting payment details please? I’m keen to come up and I know I’m not alone :slight_smile:


Updated the OP



Signups for Dry Spell: Cotton Mouth open on Saturday 16th May at 5pm. The sign-up questionnaire will be posted here and on Facebook then.

Players must have their characters approved by the GM team prior to signing up.

There are 30 spots for Auckland-based players, and 10 for non-Aucklanders. Please contact the GM team a.s.a.p if you’re an out-of-towner intending coming.

Payments (which open when signups do) to be made into the new NZLARPS account- 12-3066-0279570-01 - Particulars: DRY SPELL, Reference: Last name, first initial.


I’m assuming there is something that says your approved? I have heard nothing since I submitted my second idea