Cotton Mouth Paid List


The list of those who have paid (and therefore have spots confirmed) is as follows:

List update to 21/05

Prema Cottingham
Nicole Landers
Kara Jensen
Ivan Barczak
Hannah Jackson
Brent Jackson
Clare Stones
Dave Luxton
Chris Hoggins
Eva Gregory
Nick Cole
Stephen Brough
Anna Klein
Tigger Brunton
Kirsten Goodall
Sophie Melchior
Matt Moore

Out of Towners:
Nick Pitt
Steph Cybart
Kurt Gentil
Elle Keen
Jess Casbolt
Thomas Cole
Jaron Peek
Robert Godden

If you paid before 21st May, and are not on the list, please contact us a.s.a.p- please note this is the list of those who paid into the new NZLARPS Auckland account. If you sent your money somewhere else please e-mail the Dry Spell GM account so we can track it down.


panicked flailing

I’ll be there. I promise!! All budgetary things currently involved in this weekends housing and feeding of the multitudes. Payment coming Thursday 28th. PLEASE don’t give my spot away!! bottom lip starts to tremble