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Czech larpers have published a book of chamber larps, including Moon, a Firefly larp.

The book contains 10 full larpscripts including design concepts, tutorials, tips and tricks for facilitations and reflections. We had chosen larps that were played many times and they are proven by players. You don’t find any raw ideas there that weren’t tested repeatedly. Our aim is to offer you quality as well as diversity of scenarios typical for Czech larp scene.

You can find there detailed guidelines for running the larp by yourself. Additional materials, such as full texts for players, playlists, in-game texts and picture materials are available on the web for download after buying the book.

Its US$25 from lulu, plus $7 or $8 in postage to NZ. I have acquired a copy, and maybe a game from it will turn up at a future Hydra, Cerberus, or Phoenix.

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Its here! And due to an unscanned tracking code, I was expecting it to still be trapped in the US!

Currently looking at Moon (an actual Firefly larp) and thinking about play logistics.