Character theme songs - post them here!


I know that Drake’s themesong has changed, but I don’t know what it’s changed to yet…


New character means new theme song!

I just have this one on loop in my head for Vi


Updated character theme song for Fox.


I found another one for AJ

Solo - Bang Bang Bang

Edit: And thanks to Courtney, here’s yet another:
Daft Punk - Instant Crush


Toying with this as a theme song :wink:


Flora right now: ‘Psalms 40:2’ by The Mountain Goats. Because road trips, substance abuse, angst, and being destructive are her specialties.

‘New City’ by Saturday Looks Good To Me reminds me of Session 4 overall:!/s/New+City/5dNDtK?src=5


It’s time. New song for Fox



I’ve finally figured out Trix’s song:

22-20s - Shoot Your Gun


two new songs for Drake

first one is Kill all your Friends

…only that song is actually a bit too mellow, so the main one is Hang 'em High also by My Chemical Romance

yeah, that second one. That’s where Drake’s head’s at


Since the game is a month away… here’s a new AJ song!
Imagine Dragons - Shots


Jumping on the slow moving band wagon.

New one for Fox, as well as an old one.

So after some thought. Adding this one too.


yeh why not. not quite a song per say but still kinda is. this is for Viktor Stern


Handsome Furs have always been a major component of my TWTI playlist. ‘Cheap Music’ feels right for this session:

(Does anyone else associate certain bands with certain LARPs because the energy matches up in the right way? Handsome Furs just sound like The World That Is, to me.)


Vi now has a very strong Muse-orientated playlist. She has my favourite playlist to listen to I think.

Main theme link (Knights of Cydonia - Muse)

City of Delusion - Muse
Exogenesis Symphony Pt 2 - Muse
Unnatural Selection - Muse

Backstory stuff that might come out this game:
Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy
Instant Crush - Daft Punk


Hmmmmm… to post my current theme song? Or not.

Steeples fingers


I kid :wink:


[size=85]Andy’s c:[/size]