Character creation Form


Background details, not mechanics yet.


So we have been through all the characters we have received and processed through them and shared documents with you all. If you believe you have submitted a character and you haven’t had a google doc shared with you please let us know and we can check it out.
We will be reviewing the characters with you and putting comments on the shared doc. Feel free to put your builds on there. If you have questions send them through to the email account.
There are currently 2 player spaces left in Auckland at this stage. And a few spaces left in Wellington. You can be added to waiting lists or come and join us as crew. As mentioned in the expectations document we are limiting player spaces in each city so that we can give every character a feeling of personal story and development.
We will be contacting our fantastic crew soon to discuss NPCs and ideas, especially for those coming to Hydra.
There is also a new version of the rules about to be released that clarify a few things thank to the questions you sent in.


Character slots are currently full, there has been a wait list started.

So if you have a character slot we would like you to flesh out your character as much as you can before this Sunday. The GMs will work with you to fill in the blanks, with NPCs, with plot ideas and so on. If you have not made any progress on the character by Sunday and the character is still a blank we will have to consider giving the character slots to other people on the wait list. The GMs are currently writing the plots for not just the first 2 games but also across the campaign, and we need the characters (or at least solid ideas) to tie you in and make you a part of the story.