Calling all wizards!


Or anyone who wants a connection with one. :smiley:

Alicia Nolan. Been in town for a few years. Freelance writer for radio drama, supplements her income by dabbling in wizardry-for-hire. Particularly adept at finding lost things- Misplaced valuables, runaway pets- Even people, if you can’t (or won’t) go to the police, for some reason.

How many of us are there in Chicago?


I’d like a working connection with a wizard - Clarence Knight, Special Agent FBI, currently on more-or-less permanent assignment to Chicago. Is aware of the supernatural and the Nevernever and gets called in on (or gets hoisted with, depending on your perspective) weird cases.


Finding ‘lost things’ you say? how are you with unfinding things. Some of my working connections had to be severed for reasons I’d rather not go into. The names Dirk- I mean Walker Day. courier for various benefactors. Want something or need something to be somewhere else I’m your scion. Just don’t get me involved with Lycans, I swear half of them want me dead.


Still working out a character concept, but I am planning to be a wizard (although given gender politics and likely conservative origins for the character, I’m considering pushing for the term ‘wizardess’) operating in Chicago. Open to working relationships, recurring opponents, and I need someone to have been my teacher so they could feasibly be a PC. Character’s likely going to be a lawful upholder of the Laws of Magic, possibly struggling to be taken seriously by older hands at the game - but everything’s up in the air at this stage!


Thought regarding “Wizardess” although i’m all for Gender Equality - I assumed that “Wizard” was a gender neutral term. Alternatively, a Female Wizard is a witch. Although Biased opinions or otherwise might consider a Witch to be inferior to a Wizard? Although that’s all based on personal reading of various fantasy novels from various different authors. Although I’ve not read Dry Spell books yet, is there not already a term for Female wizard? If it really is Wizardess, then by all means, roll with it :slight_smile:


I’m reading Fool Moon (book 2), and it does mention Wizardess as a thing, but then then the first book fleetingly mentioned Witches as well - but when I asked Ellen about witches she thought that the universe didn’t include them. Maybe witches are something else entirely.


My understanding is that in the books, ‘wizard’ is a standard term across genders, as it indicates a specific kind of practitioner - of a certain level of power, and generally (not sure if it’s a requirement) associated with the White Council. I just wondered if that level of equal usage might be a bit newer, as I imagine female wizards would have been less common for a long time given the Council’s Latin/medieval roots - seems like women would have been less likely to get full training and recognition. If I use ‘wizardess’ it will be to highlight that this is a lady wizard and we still feel the need to label that as a novelty, a la ‘girl gamer’ etc.

I am extrapolating away from the books and into headcanon, though, so don’t take this as law by any means!


Cool info there Prema & Liz. Good to know.