Brit LARP/RPG Fan Moving to NZ


[quote=“Ryan Paddy”]
Personal choice I reckon. If you’re a seismologist or construction person and you like cold weather and the occasional skinhead, Christchurch could be a great spot to live just now.[/quote]

The people are very friendly in Christchurch these days. It’s actually rather nice. Does have a bit of a post apocalyptic feel though I think.

But ultimate reality, if you want to be at the centre of such activity, Auckland is it, Wellington next… Hamilton somewhere much lesser. I only get to a few events in Auckland but that is a function of my own resources, more than accessibility.[/quote]

I would have said Auckland had a larger larping scene, and Wellington had a larger table top rpg community.*

Agree. Dunedin is awesome.

  • NZRaG is more for table top. The other reason you’d find a bias there. By the way, it’s pretty funny to read both threads. :laughing: