Auckland Regional AGM

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I second Brad Thompson and Alastair Kirkby for general officer.


I accept the nomination for General Officer


Thank you, but I decline my nomination for Marketing and General Officer as I am instead running for National President.


I accept my nomination for Gear Officer


Hi everyone,

We have changed the venue to accommodate more people. The new venue is:

Nikki and Phillip’s House
80c Woodglen Road
Glen Eden

Please park on the road- it’s the first house on the right up the driveway.

Start time for the AGM is 7pm and the Auckland AGM is 7:30pm.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to vote!!

Bethany Strom
Auckland Secretary NZLARPS


Hi I am Rowena and I am standing for Auckland Regional Director. I have been an active member of the larp community for many years now, having previously served on both the Auckland and National committees, and having written and GM’d many different larps.
I am standing on a platform of two main issues. Firstly, I want to see an improvement in the way we as a community handle safety and welfare issues. Over the last few years there has been a growing understanding of the need to ensure that our larps are a safe space for all participants. We’ve seen several great initiatives and I wish to see those continued and improved. Several ideas have been discussed amongst people in the community, and I will hold and Auckland open meeting to discuss which ideas should be implemented and how. I am committed to seeing this through.
The second issue I want to address is to increase the engagement of the larping community with NZLARPS. The last few years has seen a fantastic increase in new larpers joining the community. NZLARPS need to engage with them so they understand the benefits NZLARPS offers to both the community as a whole, and to individual players and GMs.
Neither of these issues are things that I can address alone. I look forward to working with both the Auckland committee, the National committee and members of NZLARPS to see or hobby continue to thrive and grow.
I am passionate about larping, and I believe I will bring both the necessary enthusiasm and experience to the position of Auckland Regional Director.
Please vote for me at the Auckland AGM. Most importantly, please vote in both the regional and national elections. This is your community. Your vote matters.