Auckland Game 1. -Cotton Mouth- Blurb


All about town the rumours have been running wild but have finally been confirmed; Owney Madden has returned from his sunny exile in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is reopening his club.
Not content to simply reopen the past his new club will be grander and larger than before the Cotton Club will literally rise from the ashes on the top floor of Broadway and Forty-Eight Street.

The event is going to be the most lavish party New York has seen since prohibition was repealed; all the big names from both sides of the track can be expected.

How will his old associates welcome him back?
Will the police idly stand by and let the bad penny return home?

This question is of special interest with the Mother Lode poker game supposedly using the Cotton Club as its latest venue. And the more suspicious of minds suggest that this is why some of the proceeds of the event are going to the victims of Ash Hands fires.
But these uncharitable thoughts haven’t put off a number of politically motivated of New York’s citizens for using the event as a rally point to meet and protest the policies perceived inaction.

For those in the know.

After the events of the 1st of June the White Courts perceived most senior still active member, Lady Martinique Lafontaine was contacted by the Countess Valentina Rocha the Red Courts representative looking to discuss terms.
The meeting is to be held at a neutral, public place, under the Unseelie Accords and an amicable covenant will be struck to stop any further misunderstandings from occurring.

Due to leaking of information and the number of requests to attend Lothar Kenway New York’s warden has assented to placing the Cotton Club under the Unseelie Accords until midnight of the opening night.


Thanks a lot for a fantastic evening. Thoroughly enjoyed all the player and crew interaction. Thank you.