Wellington AGM 2016 Minutes


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Here are the minutes from the 2016 AGM (Oct 5)

AGM Minutes
Meeting opened at 20.03, following National AGM. Quorum achieved through addition of e-votes.

In attendance: Rebecca Harris, Norman Cates, Hannah McKenzie Doornebosch, Naomi Guyer, Jon Ball, Chris Rosedale, Mel Duncan, Thomas Joychild, Toby Stewart, Anthony Doornebosch, Courtney Parnell, Jaron Peek

*Approval of minutes following previous meeting
*Approval of accounts
*Voted to have one or two general officers: all approve one general officer

Treasurer report presented first by Anthony. Mel presented gear officer’s report. Regional director’s report by Chris. Secretary by Courtney. Marketing read by members individually and out by Courtney.

_Voting commenced at 20.10. _
Elected representatives for the 2016-2017 committee year are as follows:
Regional Director: Chris Rosedale
Treasurer: Anthony Doornebosch
Secretary: Courtney Parnell
Marketing: No candidate
Gear Officer: Mel Duncan
General Officer: Thomas Joychild

Discussed viability of a different storage method for gear. Possible venue decided on, but funding storage container will be investigated further.
_ - Mel quantifying amount of gear_
_ - Courtney seeking container/shed options_
- Toby volunteered for possible crowdfunding ventures
- Norman to measure space for container
_Deadline set for end of January to come to a decision and plan. _
_Attendance numbers in LARP and the problems arisen from it was discussed. Proposal of a welcome packet to be emailed to new members with information regarding cultures and safety with LARPs. _

_Possible re-runs in future of past popular LARPs to increase attendance. Proposal of bi monthly poll of LARP options to run. Courtney will sort it with Malcolm. _

_Hannah brought up planning LARP events around religious calendars due to increase in members of various faiths. Hannah volunteered to monitor scheduling of LARPs to ensure it is fair and open to as many participants as possible. _

_Welfare and ensuring participants are safe discussed. Addition to including section in welcome pack. Posters with information on how to seek help if needed. There is more that committees could be doing regarding this matter – more communication, and possibly a national officer responsible for visibility and transparency. Pair of regional contact points (to avoid conflict of interests) would be a good option. More discussion needed on matter. Secretary to raise a need for welfare structure with national and an appointed welfare officer (or two). Norman is willing to assist National with this.

Meeting finish.

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After voting of committee with no candidate for Marketing, the elected committee (as seen above) chose a Marketing Officer as per s24(b):

"The Committee shall have power to appoint a member to fill any casual
vacancy on the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting caused by
resignation, death, expulsion, absence or removal from office"

This sort of motion has precedence in NZLARPs (see 2014 Auckland AGM)

The chosen officer was Malcolm H