Reloaded Campaign


Reloaded is a campaign world set in a near future where corporations rule a dying earth and most people have sought escape to the Virtual Realm. In the Virtual anything is possible, any story can be told, and not everything is as it seems.

The game is designed to be fun, rules light and easily accessible with 3hr sessions once a season.

The first game went well, but I would love to get some more players or crew to play guest roles. Each session has pre-generated characters that help fill out the story of that session. The Summer game is set in Sherwood Forest so naturally Robin Hood will be one of these “crew” style characters that someone could step in and play.

So if you are interested in playing or guesting in the game let me know. There are several actions you could take.

~Check out the Facebook Page which has a lot of background information.

~Read the current Setting and Information Document
Reloaded LARP ver1.1.pdf (1.3 MB)

~Join the Facebook Community where I will post the events and info.

~Or sign up for the next game on the 4th of March at 1pm by using this handy Sign Up Form

The game is free, though Koha is appreciated so we can borrow some gear if we need it.

You can also contact me at if you have further questions about the game.

I hope to hear from you.


The backdrop for the next game.

Summer Reloaded
The Secret of Sherwood

The sun hangs high in the summer sky. Light and heat beat down upon the land with no respite. The cool rains of spring are a distant memory. In the hot days of the summer there are very few places to escape the sun’s relentless gaze.

Sherwood is one of those places. A borderland between worlds, many kings have claimed it as their own over the ages, but no one can truly own the great wood. Sherwood has no master. But it has many secrets.

One of those secrets is the hideaway of the outlaw Robin Hood, wanted by the crown for stealing the King’s taxes and disrupting the only roads between worlds. What once was safe is now in peril because Robin Hood won’t let anyone pass without paying the price.

One of the worlds that borders Sherwood is Nottingham, a prosperous place filled with rolling hills and everyday farmers trying to make a living. But with the roads closed trade has come to a stop. The local Sheriff has been tasked with rooting out the outlaw and once again claiming peace across Sherwood and prosperity between the worlds.

And so the scene is set, all you have to do is choose a side and enter the forest, for this is the Secret of Sherwood.