Re: N00bed - Help me Navigate NZLARPS


I’m back, baby!

Nice changes to NZLARPS.ORG and DIATRIBE!
I’m lost :smiley:

Interested in small games, theatre sports workshops and any planning and discussion sessions to rekindle my passion for this hobby!

Also any tips on navigating the new sites (specifically for Auckland games/events) much appreciated!

Allen aka Kharnak


For Diatribe, I find reading it on “latest” mode works.

For Auckland events, they should be listing their events here: Most campaigns have their own Facebook groups, and there’s an NZLARPS Auckland Facebook page as well.

Monthly games are on the front page of in the “regular events” box. You can find them on Facebook as well.


All events, for all regions, should appear here: They appear in other places on the sites too, but the main place they live is under the events section. The exception is monthlys which, for now, live on the homepage only. That is likely to change in the future, so they are at least mentioned in the events section.

Diatribe is split into categories, so if you know which category you want to read or post to, you can use the category view. The latest view is easier if you are a frequent user (more than once a month). There’s also a pretty good search function if you are trying to find something in particular. :slight_smile: